강승윤(KANG SEUNG YOON) - '아이야 (IYAH)' M/V

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강승윤(KANG SEUNG YOON) - '아이야 (IYAH)'
아 난 왜 이럴까?
내일은 잘하자
애써 맘을 다잡아봐도
자꾸만 작아진다
야 시간아 좀만
천천히 가라
요즘 부쩍 널 따라가기가
조금씩 벅차다
시간이 지나면 지날수록
세상은 내게
더 많은 걸 강요해
나 하나도 힘든데
나보고 어쩌라고
난 아직 아이야이야
우리 엄마 눈엔
보이는 게 다 아니아니야
아직 어린데
실수 좀 하면 어때
난 아직 아이야이야
모진 세상 속에
부담주지 마이야이야
나도 사람인데
어떻게 다 잘해
아 또 이렇게 난
제자리 걸음마
뗐다 생각하고 뒤돌면
한숨만 날 기다린다
야 동생아 좀만
천천히 와라
널 마주치기에 아직
내 모습이 초라하다
시간이 지나면 지날수록
세상은 내게
더 많은 걸 강요해
나 하나도 힘든데
나보고 어쩌라고
난 아직 아이야이야
우리 엄마 눈엔
보이는 게 다 아니아니야
아직 어린데
실수 좀 하면 어때
난 아직 아이야이야
모진 세상 속에
부담주지 마이야이야
나도 사람인데
어떻게 다 잘해
먹고 싶어 먹은 나이가 아닌데
아직 내게 술은 쓰기만 한데
열일곱에 내가 어제처럼 선명한데
난 아직 아이야이야
우리 엄마 눈엔
보이는 게 다 아니아니야
아직 어린데
실수 좀 하면 어때
난 아직 아이야이야
모진 세상 속에
부담주지 마이야이야
나도 사람인데
어떻게 다 잘해
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  • People who comment on this and remember their youth sure to be tough, independent and responsible for the rest of their lives. And young people who comment on how hard these days will become great people tomorrow. Life in the future may be more difficult, but try to be positive

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  • "Kang Seung Yoon" The more l watch you singing (IYAH & 365) the more l see a self proclaimed "hero" with the determination and will power to conquer any challenge put before you against all the odds. You are an extraordinary artist who has defined any critics of your ability to climb the peak of the mountain solo. Now is the time for "Kang Seung Yoon", the South Asian music Industry is listening, they believe your story and so does your global audience. Never in their lifetime had heard an extremely super-talented pro-entertainer perform and run a relay undefeated over many years to cross the finish line too become a big winner and huge name sensation worldwide. You are not only human you are equally brilliant, a reward well deserved by you "Kang" "Australian Fan" [5] 🦘🦘🦘🦘🦘,, ,, ,, ,, ,,

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  • Adulting is hard.. there's no reference book to be prepared of things that is yet to come, I mean we learn life by living in it. We may stumble as we take each step however, little by little, we learn from these mistakes which would help us live life better. So moved by the song lyrics by the way. An eye opener that we should live life at our own pace.

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    • Yes we got a live sampler :)

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  • I have anxiety and I make mistakes because of it. Sometimes these mistakes seem suffocating and I ask myself why I'm like this. This song helped me a lot... thank you

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  • So true, im still me no matter what

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  • what’s the meaning of ‘iyahiyah’ ?

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    • Iyah means a child..

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  • "don't pressure me" "i'm just a human" "i can't be perfect in everything" literally what i deal with everytime i'm at my workplace.. just want to say this song is amazing..i really like it..

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  • For me you already broke all the records, and you achieved what you once told us that you wanted to make us cry or cheer with your music, you did it, you are doing well, I admire you too much I hope we continue to have winner and you for much longer.

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